Bradley Gould: The Personal Trainer Behind Harry Styles’ Fitness

Bradley Gould is a personal trainer who has been working with Harry Styles, the famous singer and actor, since 2019. Bradley Gould is responsible for helping Harry Styles achieve his impressive physique and stamina for his concerts and film roles. Bradley Gould is also a former model and a certified golf instructor. In this blog post, we will explore the profile, career, and relationship of Bradley Gould, and why he is admired by many Harry Styles fans.

Profile of Bradley Gould

Bradley Gould was born in February 1990 in Bournemouth, a coastal town in the south of England. He has a passion for fitness and sports, especially golf. He has a certification in myTPI, which allows trainers to evaluate golfers for physical limitations. He also has a certification in functional range conditioning, which is a system of joint health and mobility training.

Bradley Gould has a muscular and tattooed body, which he often shows off on his Instagram account. He has over 19,000 followers on the platform, where he posts pictures and videos of his workouts, travels, and golf sessions. He also follows Harry Styles’ sister, Gemma Styles, and some of Harry Styles’ band members on Instagram.

Bradley Gould is also a former model, who has appeared in several magazines and campaigns. He has modeled for brands such as Adidas, Reebok, Diesel, and Calvin Klein. He has also posed for photographers such as Rankin and David Bailey.

Career of Bradley Gould

Bradley Gould started his career as a personal trainer in 2019, when he founded his own company called Brad Gould PT Limited. He offers online and in-person coaching services to clients who want to improve their fitness, health, and performance. He specializes in strength and conditioning training, which focuses on enhancing the physical attributes of athletes and sportspeople.

Bradley Gould became famous when he was hired by Harry Styles as his personal trainer in October 2019. He accompanied Harry Styles on his Love On Tour concerts around the world, where he helped him prepare for his energetic performances. He also trained Harry Styles for his film roles, such as Don’t Worry Darling and My Policeman, where he had to transform his body shape and appearance.

Bradley Gould has received praise from Harry Styles fans for his work with the star. Many fans have expressed their admiration for Bradley Gould’s good looks, skills, and personality on social media platforms such as TikTok and Twitter. Some fans have even speculated that Bradley Gould and Harry Styles have matching tattoos of swallows on their chests.

Relationship of Bradley Gould

Bradley Gould has a close friendship with Harry Styles that goes beyond their professional relationship. The two are often seen hanging out together in various locations, such as golf resorts, yachts, and award shows. They share common interests such as music, art, and fashion.

Bradley Gould was Harry Styles’ guest at the 2020 Brit Awards, where Harry Styles won three awards out of four nominations. They also attended the after-party together with other celebrities such as Chris Pine and Lizzo. Bradley Gould was also spotted with Harry Styles in Australia, where they enjoyed some downtime before the final leg of the Love On Tour concerts.

Bradley Gould’s personal life is not very public, but it is known that he is not romantically involved with Harry Styles. Harry Styles is currently dating Olivia Wilde, the director of Don’t Worry Darling. Bradley Gould’s relationship status is unknown, but he seems to be single at the moment.


Bradley Gould is a personal trainer who has been working with Harry Styles since 2019. He is also a former model and a certified golf instructor. He has helped Harry Styles achieve his fitness goals for his concerts and film roles. He has also become friends with Harry Styles and has accompanied him on various occasions. He is admired by many Harry Styles fans for his good looks, skills, and personality. He is an example of how one can pursue their passion and succeed in their career.

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