How Reddit Users Keep Up With The Most Dramatic Stories On The Internet

What is r/BestofRedditorUpdates?

r/BestofRedditorUpdates is a subreddit that collects and showcases the best updates from other subreddits, such as r/AmItheAsshole, r/Relationships, r/LegalAdvice, and more. These updates are usually posted by the OP themselves, or by someone who knows them personally. The updates provide closure, resolution, or new developments to the original stories, which may have been posted months or even years ago.

The subreddit was created in 2019 by u/Reddit-pedia, who wanted to create a place where users can easily find and read the most satisfying updates from Reddit. The subreddit has grown to over 200k subscribers as of September 2023, and has a dedicated team of moderators who ensure that the posts follow the rules and guidelines of the subreddit.

How does r/BestofRedditorUpdates work?

The subreddit has a simple format: each post consists of a title that summarizes the original story and the update, a link to the original post, a link to the update post, and a brief summary of the update. The posts are categorized into four types: New Update, Concluded, Ongoing, and Meta. New Update posts are for updates that have been posted within the last 24 hours. Concluded posts are for updates that have resolved the original issue or situation. Ongoing posts are for updates that have not resolved the original issue or situation, but provide new information or progress. Meta posts are for discussions or announcements related to the subreddit itself.

The subreddit also has a wiki page that provides more information about the subreddit’s rules, submission guidelines, frequently asked questions, reading room, and collections. The reading room is a list of recommended posts that have been curated by the moderators based on their quality and popularity. The collections are lists of posts that share a common theme or topic, such as cheating spouses, inheritance disputes, revenge stories, etc.

Why is r/BestofRedditorUpdates popular?

r/BestofRedditorUpdates is popular because it provides users with a convenient and satisfying way to keep up with the most dramatic stories on Reddit. Users can enjoy reading about how OPs have dealt with their problems, overcome their challenges, or achieved their goals. Users can also comment on the posts and share their opinions, advice, or support for the OPs. Some of the posts can be very emotional, inspiring, shocking, or hilarious, depending on the nature of the story and the update.

Some examples of recent posts on r/BestofRedditorUpdates are:

  • NEW UPDATE: Am I wrong for expecting people to pay my kid?
  • CONCLUDED: I think my friend is sabotaging my relationships
  • ONGOING: My (25F) husband (27M) wants me to quit my job because I make more money than him


r/BestofRedditorUpdates is a subreddit that showcases the best updates from other subreddits. It allows users to follow up on the most intriguing stories on Reddit and see how they have unfolded over time. It also provides users with a platform to interact with each other and with the OPs. r/BestofRedditorUpdates is a great example of how Reddit users can create and enjoy content that is informative, entertaining, and engaging.

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