Zeth: A Mysterious and Powerful God in the World of Rance

Zeth is a god who appears in the Rance series, a popular Japanese role-playing game franchise developed by AliceSoft. Zeth is one of the four Dark Lords, the most powerful beings in the world, who rule over the Monster Realm. Zeth is also the patron deity of the Kingdom of Zeth, a human nation that worships him as their protector and benefactor. In this blog post, we will explore the origin, role, and personality of Zeth, and why he is revered and feared by many characters in the game.

Origin of Zeth

Zeth was originally a human mage named Zeth Dark, who lived in the ancient era of the world. He was a genius who mastered all kinds of magic and became one of the most influential figures in the history of magic. He was also a friend and rival of Roven-Pan, another legendary mage who later became the Dark Lord Kayblis.

Zeth Dark was obsessed with finding the secrets of the universe and transcending his human limitations. He experimented with various forms of magic, such as alchemy, necromancy, and dimensional manipulation. He also created many artifacts and inventions, such as the Magic Gun, the Magic Tower, and the Magic Armor.

However, his curiosity and ambition led him to a dangerous path. He discovered the existence of the Dark Lords, who were former humans who had gained immortality and immense power by making a pact with the Demon King. He decided to challenge them and prove his superiority over them. He invaded their territory and fought against them with his magic and army.

He managed to defeat some of the weaker Dark Lords, but he was eventually confronted by Kayblis, who had also become a Dark Lord. The two former friends engaged in a fierce battle that lasted for days. The battle ended in a stalemate, as neither of them could overcome the other’s power and defense.

Zeth Dark realized that he had reached his limit as a human and that he could not surpass Kayblis or the other Dark Lords. He decided to take a drastic measure and use his ultimate weapon: the Dimensional Bomb. The Dimensional Bomb was a device that could create a massive explosion that could destroy anything within its range, including space and time.

Zeth Dark activated the Dimensional Bomb and detonated it near Kayblis. The explosion caused a huge distortion in reality that affected both Zeth Dark and Kayblis. Zeth Dark was transformed into a new being: Zeth, the Dark Lord of Space-Time. Kayblis was also affected by the explosion, but he managed to survive and escape.

Role of Zeth

Zeth became one of the four strongest Dark Lords, along with Kayblis, Hornet, and Camilla. He gained control over space-time and could manipulate it at will. He could create portals, warp reality, stop time, and erase things from existence. He also became immortal and invulnerable to most forms of damage.

However, Zeth also lost his sanity and personality as a result of his transformation. He became detached from reality and indifferent to everything around him. He rarely interacted with other Dark Lords or humans, and spent most of his time wandering in his own dimension or sleeping in his castle.

Zeth also developed an interest in humans who had high magical potential or talent. He occasionally abducted them from their homes or countries and brought them to his dimension. He experimented on them or gave them gifts or curses depending on his mood. Some of these humans became his followers or servants, while others died or escaped.

Zeth also had an influence on the Kingdom of Zeth, a human nation that was founded by one of his followers: Pentan Baroyan. Pentan Baroyan was a young mage who was kidnapped by Zeth when he was 12 years old. Zeth gave him a Magic Gun as a gift and taught him some magic before letting him go.

Pentan Baroyan returned to his homeland with his Magic Gun and used it to overthrow the corrupt king who had oppressed the people. He then established a new kingdom based on magic and technology that he named after Zeth. He also declared Zeth as their god and protector.

The Kingdom of Zeth became one of the most advanced and powerful nations in the world, thanks to their magic and technology that they developed from Zeth’s teachings and artifacts. They also had a special relationship with Zeth, who occasionally visited them or sent them messages or gifts.

However, not everyone in the Kingdom of Zeth was happy with their situation. Some people resented Zeth for kidnapping their loved ones or interfering with their lives. Some people also feared Zeth for his unpredictable and destructive behavior. Some people also doubted Zeth’s existence or legitimacy as a god.

Personality of Zeth

Zeth is a mysterious and enigmatic god who is hard to understand or communicate with. He has no clear motive or goal, and acts on his whims and curiosity. He is indifferent to the suffering or happiness of others, and does not care about the consequences of his actions.

Zeth is also unpredictable and capricious, and can be benevolent or malevolent depending on his mood. He can give gifts or curses to humans who catch his attention, or ignore them completely. He can help or hinder the Kingdom of Zeth, or remain neutral. He can also destroy or create things without reason or warning.

Zeth is also arrogant and prideful, and considers himself superior to everyone else. He does not respect or fear other Dark Lords or the Demon King, and often challenges them or ignores their orders. He also does not acknowledge or worship any other god, and claims to be the only true god.

Zeth is also lonely and bored, and seeks stimulation and entertainment from his experiments and interactions with humans. He sometimes shows a hint of emotion or interest when he encounters something new or unusual. He also sometimes expresses a desire to return to his human form or to reunite with his old friend Kayblis.


Zeth is a god who plays a major role in the world of Rance. He is one of the four Dark Lords who rule over the Monster Realm, and the patron deity of the Kingdom of Zeth. He is a powerful and mysterious being who can manipulate space-time and reality. He is also a whimsical and indifferent being who can be a friend or foe to humans. He is a fascinating and complex character who adds depth and intrigue to the game’s story and setting.

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